Luke Lockfeld


Luke Lockfeld has been slangin’ comedy jokes since 2007. He traveled the country as a young comedian and was featured on pilots and feature films before he was even in high school. And then he dropped out, and then he graduated, and now he’s a well-known comedian and producer in San Francisco and the comedy tendrils that spread from her. His comedy manages to engage audiences regardless of socio-economic barriers, humbling everyone with much laughter. “You guys ever smoke comedy all day, and do weed at night? … Just me?”

Justin: “Alright Luke, I gotta write your bio…”

Luke: “Straight up OG. Comedy gang bangin’ 101… *hits a joint*…. hahah…ahahahaha….. MIC CHECK!!! … make sure you write that part in all caps.”

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Luke looks at the bio.

Luke: “Haha! Awesome!”

Two weeks later. Luke looks at the bio.

Luke: Wait man, that’s not a bio at all!

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Nice job!
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Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

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