Sylvan Productions


Justin GomesImpresario-In-Chief, Other Impressive Words

Andrew HolmgrenHigh-Five Enthusiast, Humorous Mouth Talker, aka. ‘Lock Ness Monster’

Amy MillerMatriarch dé Sylvan, Foreign Relations Officers

Andrew MooreFinal Cut, Definitively not Andy

OJ Patterson –  Historian, Cartographer

Ash Clayton – 42.

David Gborieaka. ‘Snack Bar Jackson’, aka. ‘Mr. Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?’, Giggle Technician

Keith D’SouzaThe Guy Who Is Going To Get Us Kicked Out Of Hotels On Tour, Master of Chaos

Luke LockfeldPresident of Vice Corporal President Vice Lieutenant In Charge Of Captain and Master of the Commander of Jokes.

Spencer DeVine – Curly Haired Lothario, Maestro Improv

Kollin Holtz – Harry Potter, Minister of the Interior
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