Dec 182012

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the humdrum of your average Tuesday…. But wait!!! What’s that on the horizon? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Top Ten Tuesday! You may be wondering what this Top Ten Tuesday even is, well allow me to explain. Every Tuesday Sylvan will bring to you a list of the top ten answers for that week’s category: Sandwiches, places to hide the body, and other topics of all varying shape and size. Feel free to tweet @SyvlanTweets with suggestions of lists you would like to see in the future.  Without further ado enjoy the first Top Ten Tuesday.

 Top 10 signs that Christmas is on its way

1. SantaCon *shivers*

2011 SantaCon in London, dear lord they’ve even organized a dance (Photo by Flickr user “Annie Mole”).

2. There are less homeless people, but way more Santas

SantaCon is over but Saint Nick is still drinking a 40 oz. in the park (Photo by Flickr user “John Aho”).

3. DVD Sales of the film ‘Elf’ are actually a thing again

Wait….. I’m getting money from that….?…Ok then (Photo by Flickr user “Eva Rinaldi”).


4. Eggnog 

Yes! Eggnog! (Photo by Flickr user “Pinkmoose”).

5. Jewelry commercials tell you so

Every kiss begins with Okay I’ll buy you jewelry for Christmas (Photo by Flickr user “Jewel’s Globe”).


6. Your fridge smells like old Thanksgiving leftovers

It’s time to clean, the turkey’s green (Photo by Flickr user “Konomike”).

7. People start talking about presents and you realize you haven’t gotten anything yet.

Hope my mom likes……..napkins from Starbucks (Photo by Flickr User “Shockingly Tasty”).


8. Listening to grocery store music is more painful than usual

No more Mariah Carey… NO more I say! (photo by Flickr User “OddHarmonic”).

9. It’s cold as balls outside

Winter in Alabama may trump the SF chill but I’ll be damned if my fingers ain’t numb (Photo by Flickr user “Smile4camera”).

10. People who aren’t hipsters are wearing Christmas sweaters

This isn’t ironic in the slightest, it’s very toasty (Photo by Flickr User “TheUglySweaterShop”).


Nice job!
You now have 30 lives.
Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

Konami Easter Egg by