Jun 122013

We’ve always thought highly of ourselves. Sylvan Productions is essentially a group of collaborators who approve of and appreciate each others work. Now, somebody else shares that sentiment.

The good folks of the SFWeekly namechecked a slew of our members and the group itself in it’s most recent annual “Best of” publication. It’s unquantifiable how huge the honor is for a comedian, but it’s damn exciting to see your name in the newspaper.

In other news, we have a newsletter dropping soon, a bunch of individual tours and tasks are being filled, and we’re all revving up for something huge (probably).

Sylvan Horn: TOOT TOOT!

Jan 252013

Ask yourself, is there anything more romantic than whisking your love away to the basement of a parking garage to see the Bay’s best stand up comedy?

The correct answer is no. Nothing is more romantic than saying, “Hey, I’m going to drag you into the basement of this parking garage,” making everyone you’re with extremely uncomfortable. Imagine their relief and delight when they realize you only brought them there for cheap beers, and belly laughs. This month, Scott Capurro (Comedy Central) leaves one foggy city (London) for the love of another.

The show is hosted by Kollin Holtz, and features the comedy musings of Daryus Monday, Juan Medina, Andrew Holmgren, and Caitlin Gill.      21+. Get you and your friends in for $5 total when you come together! Free with valid college ID or weed card.

Join the last “sporadic” show of Laughing Stock before it moves to the regular date of the 3rd Thursday of the month starting in March!

Nov 142012

“Let’s just fuckin write – wait – no – this has gotta be… somewhat coherent.” – @LLDABEAST

That’s how we’re doing it tonight at Sylvan House, ladies and gentlemen. We all just trotted down to the Balboa Theater for a showing of Wreck It Ralph. It was a heart warming Toy Story where in an kid’s room old arcade toys vidya games characters come to life become sentient programs. A classic hero story in a memorable universe, with hilarious and insightful call-backs to popular video game franchises and tropes. Not only was the movie hilarious, but David Gborie and Keith D’Souza (fresh from the road and running on very little sleep) fell asleep towards the end of the movie. As the film ended, the protagonist uttered his final inspirational line… And then, with comic timing so precise he couldn’t have planned it better, Gborie let out a snore that shook the heavens. Many a lawls were had, and we staggered out of the theater like a pack of old-school chums.

Tonight is the Sylvan Open Mic at Dirty Trix. Sign ups are in a mere hour, dear readers. So get on your Vespa and get down to Dirty Trix NOW!

What are you doing Friday night, audience people?!

Cause you should be going to Fresh Like Cadaver.

FRESH LIKE CADAVER! is a horror themed, LIVE movie riffing comedy show in the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 held at The Cinecave “Micro-Theater” located in the basement of Lost Weekend Video in The Mission District of San Francisco. It’s the brain child of Andre Parker. And Andre Parker is pretty damn funny. So get yourselves there and into some seats ASAP! I don’t care if it’s a few days till Friday, GET DOWN THERE!

Fresh Like Cadaver commercial #1 by Andre Parker on GoAnimate

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Anyway, I’m gonna get down to Trix, I’ll see you all there.

Buenos Noches, dear readers.


Sep 042012
Gallery and Bar 4N5 @ 863 Mission St, San Francisco, CA – Doors Open at 7pm

Mary Mack (WTF with Marc Maron, and Comedy Central) headlines with her mandolin folk humor, and is joined by feature comic Tim Harmston (Letterman, Last Comic Standing).

Mary - A quote from a rooftop comedy clip.

Join the fun Tuesday, the 11th of Sept., and welcome Mary Mack as she makes a rare San Francisco appearance. 21+

Grab your tickets early & take advantage of the limited $5 off pre-sale with DISCOUNT CODE: 4n5

Tim Harmston - At Gotham Comedy Club in NYC

With an array of cheap beers on tap, Gallery and Bar 4N5 is the perfect place to bring some friends, grab a brew, have a laugh and catch up with each other after the show.

Nice job!
You now have 30 lives.
Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

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