Sylvan Productions makes funny happen almost every day. Here are our regular shows where you can get weekly dose of jokes to ease your comedy fix.


Every Fourth Friday. 10:30 PM.
144 Taylor St.
San Francisco, CA.

 It’s America’s new favorite game show! We pit local comedians against the audience in a series of drinking
and improv comedy based games.
The show takes place every Fourth Friday night at 10:30pm.


2nd Saturdays. 10:30 PM.
144 Taylor St.
San Francisco, CA

WasTED Talks. They’re like TED Talks, but the speakers are shit-faced.
Hosted by Keith D’Souza and Justin Gomes.


The Something Something Shindig
2nd Mondays. 8pm. FREE
Milk Bar
1840 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA

The Shindig is a wild show that combines stand up comedy, improv, music, and what we like to call “audience-participation-good-times.” The emcee’s for the evening are Justin Gomes and Andrew Moore. True fans of debauchery, they’ve been co-hosting shows for years in a yin-and-yang mix of chaos and order that always yields the same results: PARTY. TIMES.

The show will proceed as follows:
A comedian will perform stand up comedy.
After said comedian’s set, they will perform improv with hosts Andrew and Justin.
Occasionally we will throw in big group games, audience shindigs, and weird stuff.
Rinse, Repeat, Good Times Ensue.


The Show
1st Saturdays. 10:30 PM
144 Taylor St.
San Francisco, CA

Sylvan Productions presents The Show. Hand crafted in the beer-soaked halls of Sylvan House, The Show is an demonic amalgamation of the comedic minds of Sylvan and late night chaos fueled writing sessions. Each show’s theme is decided on by the previous month’s audience, and all the other rules don’t matter.


Open Improv
Every Tuesday. 8:00 PM. FREE
Mutiny Radio
2781 21st St.
San Francisco, CA

It’s like Whose Line Is It Anyway; except instead of four performers, we have the whole audience. It’s an open improv jam where the #1 Rule is Fuck The Rules.


Black Horse
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday
Black Horse London Pub
1514 Union St.
San Francisco, CA

Stand Up comedy in what is probably the smallest bar in San Francisco.
Show up early and grab one of the ten seats.
Hosted by the wonderful Brandon Stokes.

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