Jul 212014


Comedy NightFriday is Comedy night at the SoMa Streat Food Park! It’s a weird, wiggly, and hilarious party organized by two of the Bay’s most notorious ringmasters, Justin Gomes and Andrew Holmgren of Sylvan Productions. Every week they gather their funny friends together to fill a barn/tent-thing with uproarious laughter. Show starts at 8pm, be sure to show up early to grab some food and a good seat.

FREE. 8:00 PM.

428 11th Street
This week’s comedians are all San Francisco locals, more local than burritos and high rent! We have Joe Gorman, Kevin O’Shea, and headliner  DJ Real.

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Jun 072014


RAW, UNCUT, UNCENSORED BONUS EPISODE of the Blackstronauts featuring special guests Ivan Hernandez (of Boars, Gore and Swords) and Sam Tallent (of the Fine Gentlemen’s Club).
Recorded on 4/5/2014 at Sylvan Annex in San Francisco. Engineered by A.S.H. Clayton.

May 022014

This Monday isn’t just Cinco de Mayo, it’s Cinco de Gborie! Come by the Milk Bar at 8:30pm for comedy, and we’ll party down!stokes & holtz cinco de gborie-01-01

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Mar 252014

Whoa! When the last Stokes & Holtz went off we thought it’d be hard to top, but then we blew the Milk Bar out with The Shindig! Thanks to all who’ve been attending, making these shows as fun to put on as they (hopefully) are to watch (according to some audience feedback).

It’s time again to let you know about another Stokes & Holtz. They’re keeping the lineup secret as usual, but if last months line up is any indication (Chris John [Punchline SF], Daryus Monday [Cobb's Comedy Club], Dro, and Natasha Muse [Comic to watch by SF Weekly]) then yeah, it’s going to be a great show. Check it out on April 7th at 8pm… give or take 15 minutes!

stokes & holtz milk nose-01

Click here to find the Facebook event.

In other news, Kollin also has a new episode of Closet Talk up. In this podcast episode, he interviews former member of the Weather Underground, Mathew Landy Steen about his fugitive days, capture, and eventual pardon during the 60′s/70′s. You should click here to listen to that on iTunes.

See you all at the shows!

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Mar 082014

Happy Saturday, good people!

I do hope that this weekend finds you well, perchance you may stroll about the park with that special someone? Maybehaps you could picnic at the beach, or play billiards with the boys at the ol’ hall.


Regardless, it’s all going to end.

That’s right.

You’re good times. This weekend will end. There’s not stopping it, not slowing it, no preventing it at all.


And we’re totally prepared for that!
Because on MONDAY we’re having another SHINDIG!




Our amazing hosts over at Milk Bar have even presented us the opportunity to put forth an ART SHOW before the Shindig! That’s right! Our wonderfuly talented Justin Gomes will be calling a bunch of his equally, if not more so, talented artist friends to present their works at Milk Bar, 5pm-7pm.


And then at 7 we’re starting the Shindig an hour earlier than normal (politics, don’t ask), AND IT’S GONNA BE A REAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL KNEE SLAPPER.


We’ve invited Leslie Small, Trevor Hill, Trevor Joyner, and Kevin O’Shea to come out and jam with us, and our own Ashley Clayton will be playing sweet jams throughout the evening.

It’s totally free, the beers are nice, and the art is fucking rad.


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Nice job!
You now have 30 lives.
Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

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