Jun 122013

We’ve always thought highly of ourselves. Sylvan Productions is essentially a group of collaborators who approve of and appreciate each others work. Now, somebody else shares that sentiment.

The good folks of the SFWeekly namechecked a slew of our members and the group itself in it’s most recent annual “Best of” publication. It’s unquantifiable how huge the honor is for a comedian, but it’s damn exciting to see your name in the newspaper.

In other news, we have a newsletter dropping soon, a bunch of individual tours and tasks are being filled, and we’re all revving up for something huge (probably).

Sylvan Horn: TOOT TOOT!

Apr 062013

Sorry it’s late! We update our facebook page FAR more frequently

Anyway, here’s our Calendar for the month, ENJOY IT!

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Dec 102012

January 2012 afforded the opportunity to do a show in Oakland, CA at the rapidly expanding Vitus. Over six months the affair took many twists and turns, ultimately turning the dead prelude to evening music into a vibrant and lauded comedy night featuring locals, visitors and bone fide stars. Then, with one quick swipe, Vitus’ partners ended their relationship and the club was closed permanently. The Vitus Show, so young, died too soon.

Then, in an unforeseen opening, the producers of the Vitus experience were called to produce a show at the historic Dirty Trix Saloon, dubbed Courting Comedy: The Show.

That night’s success allowed for another night captured with great affect by Andrew Moore.

Then, on the endorphins of an unbeatable spirit, old pals reached out to restart what once began in Jack London Square.

Started on November 29th, 2012, the Storking Comedy show has begun the arduous task of reestablishing a fresh new comedy show in Oakland, California. Taking residence in the infamous Stork Club, the show is a proper caper, barely escaping with toothy grin and a fist full of dollars. OJ Patterson provides structure and vision to the open-mic/showcase while offering an additional platform for the show’s greatest attraction: the interview.

As heard on the recently launched Sylvan Productions SoundCloud, each comedian is prodded and poked about their powerful jokes (or the audience’s lackluster response). Check out the Stork Club’s official recording of the first night: here. And you are welcome, as always, to spend some time at Sylvan Production’s latest East Bay haunt, the Stork Club. Every Thursday, 6:30-9PM. Open Mic Sign-Ups, 6:00PM. New Line-Ups Every Week. Always Absolutely For Free.

This week’s show: Hand to Mouth (with Trevor Hill and James Fluty)

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Nov 162012

It’s a rainy day in the city by the Bay. And all of the comedians are are out to play.

Well. Not really. They’re waiting for the sun to go down. Like snipe hunting, you gotta wait for the sun to go down for the hahas to come out.

Time to get some of the work out of the way. I wrote about tonight’s show Fresh Like Cadaver and tomorrow’s Get Yucked Up in the last post en masse. Nonetheless, it serves a purpose to repeat myself. GO! GO SEE EM! RUSH THE STAGE!

Remember how Gborie was in the Seattle International Comedy Competition?! Well somebody filmed a bunch of comedy from the competition and posted it on youtube.

AND our newsletter recently went out, if you haven’t subscribed yet then you’re missing out on some of the sweet musings of OJ Patterson.

We’re going to head out to Pamtastic’s Comedy Show on Mutiny Radio on the way to Fresh Like Cadaver. If you’re hanging out at home you can listen in LIVE at 8:00 pm.

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Nov 142012

“Let’s just fuckin write – wait – no – this has gotta be… somewhat coherent.” – @LLDABEAST

That’s how we’re doing it tonight at Sylvan House, ladies and gentlemen. We all just trotted down to the Balboa Theater for a showing of Wreck It Ralph. It was a heart warming Toy Story where in an kid’s room old arcade toys vidya games characters come to life become sentient programs. A classic hero story in a memorable universe, with hilarious and insightful call-backs to popular video game franchises and tropes. Not only was the movie hilarious, but David Gborie and Keith D’Souza (fresh from the road and running on very little sleep) fell asleep towards the end of the movie. As the film ended, the protagonist uttered his final inspirational line… And then, with comic timing so precise he couldn’t have planned it better, Gborie let out a snore that shook the heavens. Many a lawls were had, and we staggered out of the theater like a pack of old-school chums.

Tonight is the Sylvan Open Mic at Dirty Trix. Sign ups are in a mere hour, dear readers. So get on your Vespa and get down to Dirty Trix NOW!

What are you doing Friday night, audience people?!

Cause you should be going to Fresh Like Cadaver.

FRESH LIKE CADAVER! is a horror themed, LIVE movie riffing comedy show in the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 held at The Cinecave “Micro-Theater” located in the basement of Lost Weekend Video in The Mission District of San Francisco. It’s the brain child of Andre Parker. And Andre Parker is pretty damn funny. So get yourselves there and into some seats ASAP! I don’t care if it’s a few days till Friday, GET DOWN THERE!

Fresh Like Cadaver commercial #1 by Andre Parker on GoAnimate

Animation Software – Powered by GoAnimate.

Anyway, I’m gonna get down to Trix, I’ll see you all there.

Buenos Noches, dear readers.


Nov 122012

We don’t have much in the way of promotions for you today, silly readers. Mr Sylvan webmaster has spent all of my non-day job hours today establishing the brand new blackstronauts.com.

If you haven’t checked out Blackstronauts yet then you are depriving yourself of some SERIOUS entertainment. We’ve collected all of the released episodes together on the new site to make it look as impressive as it sounds. So do yourself a favor, and get over to blackstronauts.com and listen to some podcastin’ already!

Keith D’Souza and Andrew Holmgren are still on the road…

“Keith and I got lost in the woods, got picked up, cuddled with dogs in giant bean bag chairs, and now someone is taking us snowboarding!”

The location tag in this photo says “Government Camp, OR“. We can only assume they’ve been arrested by the Federal Government and they’re being interrogated by some new tyrannical form of torture known as frozen-waterboarding.


We wish the two stalwart companions good luck, and god speed in their journey.

Tomorrow night is Open Improv at Dirty Trix Saloon. Andrew Moore will be performing at Eric Barry’s Milk Bar Show, so Justin will be hosting all by his lonesome.

That means everyone gets to stay up late, watch south park, and eat ice cream for dinner CAUSE I’M A BOSS BABY SITTER,

Get down to Dirty Trix around 8 and laugh your brains out!


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Nov 102012

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Saturday night. Yeah, that’s the video that popped up when I searched “It’s Saturday Night”. Maybe I laughed A LOT harder than you did when you watched it, but now I’m really pumped to write the rest of this post.

Wow. Go Tigers!

Anyway, dear readers, let’s get busy.

Next Saturday is another installment of the infamous showcase named Get Yucked Up. Brought to you by David Gborie (@thegissilent) and Andrew Holmgren (@andrew_holmgren) this show is hands down our most popular show. If you want a seat, show up to Dirty Trix early, say around 8. This show is always packed out the door, and it’s one of the funnier things you can find in the city on a Saturday night.

You may know  Sylvan member and hilarious comedian Clare O’Kane, but do you know internetclare? O’Kane’s tumblr is a hub of creative outlet for the aspiring comedienne, featuring many a funny joke and other impressive artistic endeavors. Go check it out!



I’m still pretty pumped about the tigers. I think I’m going to go read about them on wikipedia now.



OH HEY BTW P.S. SUPER SECRET NOT REALLY: Rumor is blackstronauts.com will be launching in the next few days. Stay tuned for more!

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Nov 092012

Well. There’s a lot to write about. First and foremost, Andrew Moore (@amofoshoyo) and myself (Justin Gomes [@waytogomes]) just finished performing at the International Hostel for an international crowd. Needless to say, they appreciated our universal language of laughter. Or at least they understood the word “beer”. Nonetheless, many a hahas were had, and we’ll be performing there regularly on Fridays. But, don’t get your hopes up about attending, it’s for guests on the hostel only, so if you want to check out the show you better book a room.

Meanwhile, Keith D’Souza (@Keith_D_Comedy) has joined Andrew Holmgren (@Andrew_Holmgren) in the Land of Bridges. They are currently bestowing the community of Portland, OR with our own signature Sylvan style of comedy. God speed to them and may their audiences be fruitful with laughter!

David Gborie (@thegissilent) is still in Seattle for the Seattle International Comedy Competition. Rumor is he touched a wall made completely out of gum. We’ll need to get some evidence to verify it, preferably A.B.C.

Sylvanites Misha Trubs and Andrew Moore are currently in rehearsal for the Dark Room Theater production of Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Be sure to check it out when it opens on December 1st!

Last, but most certainly not least…


It’s out best podcast. And it’s a hilarious insightful journey into the minds of the best comedians in San Francsico. This latest episode features Sylvan member Matt Louv (@MattLouv). OJ Patterson (@OJPATTERSON) and David Gborie go out on the prowl for ladies, imbibe intoxicating beverages, and dance the night away for this episode, appropriately titled

“In Da Club”

Thank you, and goodnight.


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Nov 082012

Two Sylvanites have traveled far from their homes, dear readers.

Andrew Holmgren (@andrew_holmgren) and David Gborie (@thegissilent) are currently making funny things in Seattle. Well, they were. We can only assume as much as communication with the duo has been difficult. Rumor has it after rendering an entire syncopal with a dual headlining set they had to go off the grid. While comedy on the lam is difficult, it isn’t impossible. If they’ve managed to maintain their itinerary, Gborie should be performing in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and Holmgren should be somewhere around Portland, OR.


Tonight Kollin Holtz (@KollinHoltz) will be making some funny hahas at his signature Laughing Stock comedy show at Bar 4N5. The Headliner will be the hilarious Hector Rodriguez. John Hoogasian, Kollin Holtz, and Charlie Ballard will make up the meat of the show, while Anthony Sandoval will be handling the hosting duties. Head down to Bar 4N5 quickly! It’s only $5!

We’ve got even MORE fun writings and news coming your way tomorrow! And yeah. I missed the posting last night. I totally dropped that ball. You see, we were cleaning Sylvan House, and then afterwords we all fell into a pizza/rum induced coma. It was maddening, but we’re prepping the house for… drum roll… A HOUSE SHOW! BOOM!


It’s one of the only regular pieces of internet media we’re dropping, so do yourself a favor and listen in on OJ and Gborie’s podcast: Blackstronauts!


Talk to yall later. Buenos noches, amigos.




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Nice job!
You now have 30 lives.
Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

Konami Easter Egg by Adrian3.com