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Sylvan Productions is a comedy power house based out of San Francisco, California. Its members are a collection of comedians, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists. Together they produce some of the best comedy to come of of San Francisco in years.

In 2009 Andrew Moore and Justin Gomes began the Open Improv, an improv jam with a strict no-rules-rule, in their backyard in SF’s Outer Sunset District. Eventually the show was moved the Dark Room Theatre in early 2010. During this time, local stand up comic team Andrew Holmgren, David Gborie, and Keith D’Souza joined the crew a long with local favorite Luke Lockfeld.

Always eager to keep the comedy torch burning, Sylvan opened their weekly stand up open mic at 408 Clement St. Dirty Trix, a.k.a. the location of the old Holy City Zoo.

The Open Improv eventually spawned a series of classes and workshops. Dirty Trix eventually gobbled up Holmgren and Gborie’s successful showcase Get Yucked Up!, which is currently a Saturday Night favorite in the Richmond District.

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In 2011, The Sylvan Production team expanded, adding hilarious comedians OJ Patterson, Amy Miller and Kollin Holtz to the team. They also added a fairly large house to their retinue, which currently houses most of the Sylvan Production team, and on most nights it’s couches house a good number of San Francisco’s (and sometimes the country’s… hell, sometimes the world’s) up-and-coming comedians after a late night show. Sylvan House has become a notorious name in the West Coast comedy community, and might be the biggest party scene for comedians you’re like to find.

In 2012 Sylvan braved the cold waters of the Bay and established the weekly Sylvan Show at Vitus in Oakland’s Jack London Square, where the hosted feature sets of local comedians, improv, and sketch groups paired with national favorites. They expanded their showcases and worked with comedians such as Kyle Kinane, Rory Scovel, Moshe Kasher, Mary Mack, and many more.

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Hell, even Robin Williams showed up and performed at one of our shows. Shout out to William Head of MHA Propaganda for making this video of a night at Trix.

They’ve worked with talent from all over the world, from homeless entertainers to television favorites.

Sylvan produces stand-up, improv, debate, music, sketch, and variety comedy shows, and strives to make San Francisco the comedy capital of the country. And they’re really, really funny.

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