Jan 262013

We decided to throw a Get Yucked Up/Sketchfest after party last night. And oh shit, it was dope!

#SylvanHouse all up in this shit.

Hella dope! Super dope! MEGA DOPE!

And we filmed it and broadcasted it live on Google+. It’s understandable if you missed it, it happened secretly at midnight.

We were fortunately blessed with appearances by a gaggle of out-of-town Sketchfest performers.

David Gborie
Nathan Brannon
Ian Karmel
Derek Sheen
Josh Androsky
Ahmed Bharoocha
and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Luckily, we saved it, for you. Because we love you. A lot. Seriously. We really miss you.


2013 is turning into quite the year, and we’re only on the fifth week in.


So hold on to your butts.

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Nice job!
You now have 30 lives.
Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

Konami Easter Egg by Adrian3.com