Dec 122012

Closet Talk features the ramblings of Kollin Holtz, the music of Ash Clayton, and the riffs of Alex Q. Huffman.

Watch out Marc Maron, this kid records his podcast, guests and all, in his closet. If you think chats in a garage can get uncomfortable, imagine fitting three grown men and a guitar into a closet converted bedroom. Coming from San Francisco, that might not be surprising, but what is surprising is that Kollin has been living in a closet for the past year and a half (pictured above). Seated on his mattress, the three of them make cozy bedfellows in his $300 a month accommodations. Over Ash Clayton’s melodic guitar, Kollin and Alex Q. Huffman offer a fresh look at everything in a 15min time span from comedy to personal experiences growing up, entertainment, politics, and everything in between his closet and the bathroom across the hall. The first episode of Closet Talk With Kollin Holtz (available on iTunes and Stitcher) is live, check it out below.

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You now have 30 lives.
Now you can totally die, like, a bunch of times.

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