Dec 102012

January 2012 afforded the opportunity to do a show in Oakland, CA at the rapidly expanding Vitus. Over six months the affair took many twists and turns, ultimately turning the dead prelude to evening music into a vibrant and lauded comedy night featuring locals, visitors and bone fide stars. Then, with one quick swipe, Vitus’ partners ended their relationship and the club was closed permanently. The Vitus Show, so young, died too soon.

Then, in an unforeseen opening, the producers of the Vitus experience were called to produce a show at the historic Dirty Trix Saloon, dubbed Courting Comedy: The Show.

That night’s success allowed for another night captured with great affect by Andrew Moore.

Then, on the endorphins of an unbeatable spirit, old pals reached out to restart what once began in Jack London Square.

Started on November 29th, 2012, the Storking Comedy show has begun the arduous task of reestablishing a fresh new comedy show in Oakland, California. Taking residence in the infamous Stork Club, the show is a proper caper, barely escaping with toothy grin and a fist full of dollars. OJ Patterson provides structure and vision to the open-mic/showcase while offering an additional platform for the show’s greatest attraction: the interview.

As heard on the recently launched Sylvan Productions SoundCloud, each comedian is prodded and poked about their powerful jokes (or the audience’s lackluster response). Check out the Stork Club’s official recording of the first night: here. And you are welcome, as always, to spend some time at Sylvan Production’s latest East Bay haunt, the Stork Club. Every Thursday, 6:30-9PM. Open Mic Sign-Ups, 6:00PM. New Line-Ups Every Week. Always Absolutely For Free.

This week’s show: Hand to Mouth (with Trevor Hill and James Fluty)

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